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Not sure how many times you’ve voted in your life, but I’ve been doing it long enough to actually remember when we had good candidates to vote for. People who said what they meant to say, did what they promised to do during their campaigns (or at least tried really hard to) and didn’t just tell us, the voters, what they thought we wanted or needed to hear. Who had integrity and the public good in mind. Who didn’t get easily influenced by pressure from the media, social media and celebrities (who I’m sorry, have ZERO business having that much influence on politics!!!) Candidates who I WANTED to vote for. For the past several presidential elections I truly feel like I’ve been voting for the “lesser of the evil” candidate. For the one I believe will screw things up the least. I also look at their vice-presidential running mate. Because if the President dies (they seem to be getting more and more ancient) or has a cap popped into him/her, THEN who takes over? How likely is THAT person to royally screw us up?

It’s very distressing to me that with a population of 333.3 million in the United States, THESE are the best candidates we actually have!?!? Or am I just cynical? I’m not sure, but one thing I’m ABSOLUTELY SURE OF is that the political texts I keep getting on my cell phone need to STOP!!!!! From both sides. I’ve gotten texts from Stephanopolous, Carville, Biden AND Trump!!! 😂😂😂

Stop the MADNESS!!! Come onnnnnn November!!!

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