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"I Quit!"

Updated: Jan 21

We,ve all heard it before. “People these days just don’t work like they used to.” This statement is usually followed up with some kind of cut to today’s workforce of over-privileged, under-performing, generation (whatever)’ers, who are too spoiled and entitled to submit to authority, or do any real work when the job needs getting done. 

This statement must have some validity to it, and arguably, all of those cuts are fair assessments. But, has anyone ever truly investigated why people “stay?” Do we know why people devote the largest part of their lifetime (~77,000 hrs) to being away from outside lives, families, other commitments, holidays, weekends, etc? Are they fulfilled with what they do and who they serve? Is it “just a paycheck?” Is it time in, living for the time out? 

Well, call it what you want, but I’ve had more jobs than you could count on fingers and toes. I’ve done it all, from restaurant hostess, to nurse, to counselor, cake decorator, dental hygienist, sales executive, and the list goes on and on. I’ve coordinated community events, volunteered for churches and non-profits, I’ve sold lemonade in a driveway, and donuts on a street corner (just the donuts, guys!). I’ve received awards, recognitions, accolades, shout outs, etc. And still, I’ve walked away from every “employment opportunity” at some point, and here’s why.

I think we all look for places that we are well suited for in life, and employment is no different. Sometimes a job is a paycheck, but how long do those last? I can tell you that mine lasted about 2.5 weeks, when I walked out of the building for my lunch break, went home and typed a letter of immediate resignation, walked back to the office manager’s desk an hour later, letter in hand, and proceeded to her exactly why I would no longer be an employee there and why she shouldn’t either. Bye-Bye, paycheck!

I also cried all the way home and myself to sleep that day, because I was a twenty-something college graduate, with my own townhouse and bills to pay, with no potential openings in the near future. I fell asleep that afternoon, with no hope, very little money, and no plan. I was just broken and tired. 

When I woke up, I had several messages on my phone, and one was for a job that I had applied for 2 months previously, and had forgotten all about when I took the one I’d just walked out on. I then spent the next 2 years working at that new job, and it was the perfect role for me at that time. It provided new opportunities, and a lot of fun experiences. I gained new skills, and they begged me to stay when I told them it was time for me to move on. 

So, what’s the point? Should you just walk out on your lunch break when you aren’t happy, and take a nap, expecting to wake up to financial freedom and happiness??

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! 10/10 Would. Not. Recommend. That.

Something bigger than me was looking out for me that day. Call it what you will, but for me it’s God, and His timing has Always been perfect in my life, even when I can’t see it yet… 

So, I put in my resignation last week. In less than a month, I’ll be walking away from a career that I have built over the last 10+ years, and have been truly successful at. I went “back to school” for this dream, spent nights and weekends away from my newborns and everything I loved to attain it. I’ve missed countless school functions, sports events, holidays, weekends, etc. And I feel so blessed, in the end, for the amazing opportunities that I was provided in this environment, and the growth and change that I have had personally. The impact that I have been able to have on other women’s lives has been truly incredible, and all of these things are not lost on me. It has been a dream job, in a dream field, making a dream salary. 

Also, I have no new job lined up, and no back up plan for compensation at that level. There’s no Big Opportunity waiting for me, and people knocking at my proverbial door, just waiting to utilize my skills and expertise.

Is it crazy? Perhaps. Is it a Big mistake? Could be. I guess we’ll see…

But, in all of these years, and with all of these jobs, I have learned something about myself and I’m not going to ignore it now:

I’ve learned that when I believe in something or someone, I’m all in. I saw a meme once that said, “My toxic trait is that once I decide I like you, I love you,” and that is ME to a T! 

Once I believe in you, or your product, or your vision for who and what you serve, I do too! If a company is passionate about something for the right reasons, I’ll sell lemonade on the side of the road for them too, to make their dreams a reality! I work hard, I hustle, I’m creative, passionate, and I will chase down success for a vision and never stop. I know the value I can bring, and I’ll bring it 100% of the time. 

But, here’s where I will fall short for you…

When I start to feel that your vision is not for serving anymore, I will start to question it. When I don’t think the purpose is to serve someone else anymore, I’ll start to back away. And if the vision and values and morals that I once believed you and your organization possessed, clearly do not line up with mine as a human, I’m out.

I truly believe in using the gifts and talents that we have all been given, to serve those that need them and when they need them. I believe in meeting people where they are, and shutting up just long enough to hear what they need. When these beliefs line up with someone else’s beliefs/visions/values/morals, then Beautiful things can happen, and I’ll help to get us there. When they don’t, No One Benefits at the end of the day, and I refuse to stick around to see what happens. There are far too many opportunities out there that are better suited to me, and honestly, there is probably someone out there that is better suited for you as well. 

I will Always be on a mission for “Bigger and Better.” Not for wealth, or success, awards or accolades, but for service. Because in the end, if we’re not using what we’ve been given, to serve, then nothing gets done and nothing gets better. 

We lose sleep. We lose time. We lose those moments that are so magical, we want to be fully present in. Relationships, marriages, families, churches, organizations, economies and countries start to fall apart. And I believe the Only way that they start to get put back together, is if we all are constantly pursuing  shared values and serving each other and this beautiful world we live in, with those in mind. 

Cheers to Bigger and Better, y’all!



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