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Called to Create

Updated: Jan 8

I’m a creator. 

I don’t know if I’ve ever specifically known or said this about myself until recently. I’ve definitely Never put it into words before


When I was in elementary school, my goal was to win every coloring contest imaginable. BIG goals for a 6 year old, I know! Every time I’d go with my parents to the grocery store, I’d immediately make a bee-line to the checkout section, where usually there would be some sort of coloring contest paper and a set of rules for it. I’d then rush home, do the hard labor, and magically, my parents would make it happen. 

You see, at a very young age, I’d already found the key to winning the contests. Are you ready for it???

I’d simply color the photo, and then I’d outline every part in a bolder version of that one color!! 

Amazing isn’t it? Who’d ever thought of that before? If only I’d had a patten on it! 

Anywho, coloring and drawing were still my jam in middle school too! I used to go in early or stay after school to do extra art projects for my art teacher, because he told me I had some real talent. 

All of that changed, the day I found out that said art teacher also happened to be the cross country coach of that cute high school boy I had my eye on. Once I snagged that cute boy, I left art behind chased them instead, for the next successive however many years! 

But, over the years, I’ve noticed that Art is the one thing I constantly come back to. When bored, I’d draw or doodle. When stressed I’d paint. I’ve even had so many “artistic” side hustles throughout my adult life that I can’t remember them all. If Hobby Lobby hadn't come into the picture, I’d probably be rich, ‘cause I can paint a pretty rad Farmhouse decor style piece. Dang them, and their cheap mass-manufacturing schemes! 

Even this week, as I was going thru my kids books that they never even open when I buy them, I found one that I took for myself. It’s a “color your own sticker” book. And the other night, when my husband looked at me questioningly and asked “what in the world are you doing?” I simply responded, “Coloring! It's my new thing. When I get stressed, I’m going to color!”

I’m not sure if he has called around to local mental institutions yet, but he’s made it this far with me, there probably isn’t much kookiness that catches him off guard anymore! 

So, the moral of the story:

Recently, as I have proclaimed my separation from the career that I have known for almost a decade, I’ve been soul searching to try and figure out what exactly I am made for and more specifically “called to do.” 

As with most things in the past, when I’m soul searching a subject, I start with the Bible, or a devotional, or just something “Jesus.” It’s where I always circle back to anyway, I’ve just learned to shortcut the processing time.

I opened my Bible app this morning and found a series, when I typed “entrepreneur” into the search box. The first one that popped up was titled, “Called to Create.” Well, that’s a no-brainer!

The first message in the series is about how God was the Very First Creator, and when He formed the Heavens and the Earth, the first thing He did was CREATE! He created those, then filled the land with animals and the sea. He created man, and he let man decide the name of every one of those things He’d created (that’s where I would’ve had a hard time, ‘cause I think I’d need the credit for that!). 

Throughout the Bible, God is often referred to as “The Creator,” or “The God of Creation.” 

HOW have I Never noticed that?!? Have you? Am I just creative but a little slow on the uptake?

A research study done in February of 2023, looked at job satisfaction in America. Only around 51% of people polled reported that they are “highly satisfied” with their jobs overall. The article then goes on to talk about all of the most common reasons and ranks them. Forty-four percent of them cited “[the lack of] opportunities for training/developing a new skill” as having a negative impact on their satisfaction, and thirty-three percent cited [the llack of] opportunities for promotion.”

So what does this tell us? People Want to Work! Not just have a job, make a paycheck, pay a bill, like Really Work! We want to strive higher, achieve more, do better, and we want the support we often feel that we’re lacking in the workplace. We’re not just lazy, over-paid complainers, without big goals and dreams, we’re achievers, with a longing for growth and (you guessed it) Creativity!



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