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Cozy Winter

Come on in, & Get Cozy!


(If I had a Tag Line)


Personal Assistant to Teenagers by day,

Entrepreneurial Dreamer by night!"

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Y’all, I was born with the “Gift of Gab!”

I was also born with Many other "talents" too, such as making messes

 (beside my bed, in marriage, the kitchen, parenting, dieting, friendships, careers, etc)!


I can single-handedly ruin

a punchline, lunch date, glass of wine, or a Sunday sermon, and never break a sweat!


I think you get my point...

Well, with everything that I’ve

done WRONG in my life,

I’ve received SO MUCH RIGHT!


And it’s WAY more than I deserve, y’all.




​I believe in BLESSINGS.

Whether you think they come from a Gracious God above,

a rock in your backyard, or an essential oil

(Melaleuca, anyone?).

I believe in GRACE.

 The kind that is freely given to those that are

Most Undeserving

of it. 

I believe in MESSY bedrooms, MESSY kids,

MESSY dreams, MESSY people and MESSY lives.

I'm Brandy!

Brandy Williams-About

And I believe it “Takes a Villiage,” to raise a family,

but it also takes one to raise us MAMAs!

Meet my Gal Pals!

These Beauties have joined me, with some incredible Stories to Share! 

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