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I'm  just a Small town Mama

with a Big Dream!

I have a Passion for Women, and

for the Strength that lies within Personal Stories


My Mission is to create a space for us to

Inspire, Encourage and Empower

Women, just like me, just like All of Us!

So, I am creating a platform,

for Real Women to Serve each other

through Shared Experiences & Invaluable Lessons

that we All have learned

along Our Journeys... 

Grace on Hawthorne

Come on in,  Y 'all!

Jenna Kutcher
Amy Porterfield
Boss Babe

The Blog
(aka the ramblings)

Hey Y'all,  I'm Brandy!

I have a Big Mouth, and Lot's to talk about!
I have Big Dreams for me AND for You, Too!

as I navigate through this
Messy but Beautiful Life with YOU!

Brandy Williams-Blog

Connect with Me!

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Do You
Have A
Great Story to Share?

I'm All About connection around here!

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Sunrise on Nature

Real Women, Real Stories

Sara Schneider-Blogger

Meet Sara!

Sara and I met in 2016,

and we have shared quite the journey together.


What started out as another night at work,

turned into one of the sweetest friendships

I have ever had. 


When it comes to Personal Stories, Sara has MANY to share.

She has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

I have learned So much from this girl,

and I can't wait for you to experience her talent

for writing, with me!

Claire Sides-Blogger

Meet Claire!

Claire and I met in 2016, when we joined forces to help open a brand new Labor & Delivery unit and NICU.

Although we worked in separate departments, the two of us built a wonderful coworker relationship and friendship, based around our two shared passions,

Babies and Humor!

Claire has decades of experience in maternal-newborn nursing, and has taught me so much about neonatal newborn care.

She has millions of great stories to tell, a quit whit that always keeps them interesting, and I can't wait to read all that she has to share, alongside you!

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